Welcome Aboard!!!

In this life we are on a journey. We start in location in life and set off on a course towards our dreams, hopes and goals. We make many stops along the road, find detours and sometimes we come to dead ends.

Along the way we meet and make friends, love ones, associates that could guide us or join us along this journey or even sometimes cause us to detour off our course. Sometimes we are successful in reaching our final destination and some times we are not.

Depending on how we cope with this trip and the ups and downs along the way will also influence what future paths we take. The emotions behind taking this path are also influenced. Some people learn to take the express route, some prefer the local and some get off the path all together.

We at Resiliency Express LCSW PC are here to help you get back on board. We believe that our life experiences are similar to a journey via a train. You start at your initial location, you have plans on where you want to go in life and without notice life sometimes delays our plans, people make the trip unpleasant, and sometimes the trip gets derailed. We can help you get back on track.

We can help you to cope with the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing about your train falling off the tracks. We can help you figure out what route to take in your life. We can even help you realize what people you need to have near you along your journey.

Our slogan is "Get on Board, Next stop a better you!" Are you ready to get on board? Where do you want to go? Let's get you there faster. You and only you can make that choice. You owe it to yourself. You deserve it. Hope to see you soon.